Thursday, December 31, 2009

Apple bottoms jeans..nope padded bottom shorts!

Forget the Apple bottoms jeans and the boots with the fur. Last night I rocked the padded bike shorts and the shoes strapped to the pedals!
It was spin class round 2! The first class I took I didnt wear padded shorts. HUGE, HUGE mistake. I was rendered useless for over a week because of the butt soreness. So, I made a pricey purchase of padded shorts. And not the cheap ones padded with foam. These bad boys have a gel seat. My butt does not look cute in them and they kind of make me waddle but I love them! Check the out the padding...its like sitting on a pillow!

I was very uncomfortable in them at first, I thought EVERYONE could tell I padded my butt as soon as I walked in to the gym. When I got into the spin room and sat on my bike I was so impressed. My bum did not scream out in pain like last time. I made it through the 50 min class with a smile on my face! The instructor came up to me and asked if I work out a lot because this class didnt look like it was phasing me.  I think my cheezy grin threw her off. It was phasing was a very good class. I was just smiling because my wonderful padded butt shorts! Best money I ever spent!
Uncomfortable Bike seat-1 (Stupid first class)
Melissa-1 (Thank you adidas shorts)
Belly class may always have one up on me but I have evened the score for spin, I will win this battle!


Chelsea said...

This post made me smile-like BIG TIME! Good for you!

WhisperingWriter said...


I've been tempted to try a spin class.

Amanda said...

Good for you...I think a spin class would be the death of me.