Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Shes finally here!!! I am so excited ot have her home! I just wish we still lived by friends and family. I want people to come by and see her! We did have friends bring us dinner the first night we were home....yummy mexican food too!! Emme is having issues sleeping at night. She only wants to sleep on her daddy. She really doesnt care to much for me at night time. I am not really complaining about that..Im sleeping! I will post some pictures later. I did add some pictures to myspace. Heres the birth stroy for anyone who cares t read it...I just copied it from BBC.

Babies Name: Emerson Grace
Babies Gender: female
Date of Birth: October 4, 2008 @ 1:01 pm
EDD: October 17, 2008
Statistics: 8 lbs, 19 inches long

Birth Story

Friday I was in a pretty pi$$y mood all day, we went to a high school football game and I told some little high school kid I would throw him down the bleachers if he didn't stop stomping on the bleacher I was sitting on. (I'm not usually so rude) We decided to leave early because I really thought I would kill someone. We went to dinner and I started having contractions but refused to time them. I didn't want to get my hopes up. Once we got to the car I had one that was bad so we dropped off the kids at my parents for the night. I got home and called the Dr. They said get in a warm bath...if the contractions get worse, come in. I took a warm bath and they never went away but I didn't think they were strong enough to do anything. They were 5 mins apart at this point. I told my husband I didn't want these dying out so he had to "take one for the team" We DTD (sorry tmi) And they got strong, 20 mins later I was being admitted at a 4 with contractions every 2 mins apart! They never really hurt, I could talk and laugh through them the whole time. I didn't want to press my luck so I got the epidural around 3 am. I slept like a baby. I was too relaxed so the contractions stopped. The doc came in and broke my water at 11 am. They said I had an unusual shaped cervix (heard that with the last kids too) And they thought she was small because she was moving WAY TOO MUCH when they would check me. At 12:45 I had the urge to push and I warned my nurse I am a fast pusher. She didn't believe me...I refused to push until the Dr came in the room. I started pushing at 12:55, she arrived at 1:01 pm. She was 8lbs...my biggest baby! I had one superficial tear. And I was up and walking before 2:00. We went home the next day at 2:00. The kids love her and I am so happy to be home!!!


Shannon and Casey said...

Congratulations! Can't wait to see pics.

Kaycee said...

I'm SO excited for you!! CONGRATS!