Monday, December 29, 2008

I'm doing it.....I think

I am cutting off my hair! That's right. I'm tired of the long BLAH hair. I feel like I look like I am 19 with it. I want to look like an adult!!! Jason is not happy about it. But, I always have spit up in it, or Emerson has a death grip on it. Or my favorite, its up in a messy ponytail! I was a hairstylist and always looked so fashionable...when did I become boring soccer mom! Here is the last picture with it long. Wish me luck....I know there will be many tears!

Friday, December 26, 2008

Time to unwind.....

Its over, the wild crazy Christmas season is over! Now the only craziness left is my brother moving to Minnesota tomorrow. (If they can finish packing...i think they will be leaving later) Once they are gone it will calm down once again. I will ATTEMPT to pack up all the Christmas decorations today. I'm ready to start the new year!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Christmas Pictures...

I thought I would share the pictures I took for our Christmas cards. I can't wait to go have some done by a professional, but I thought I would wait until Emerson is about 5 months old. Here are our Christmas pictures! This is before I cut off all Jaidyns hair!

I've been tagged....twice!

The instructions were to go to my picture folder, the 6th folder and the 6th picture. So I did. The 6th folder only contained one picture so here it is:

This is from this summer...the kiddos and their scooters. (Scoodah as Joshie says...kind of a boston accent)
Now I need to tag 6 friends....
1. Kaycee at

2. Courtney at

3. Tamara at

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5. Jessica at

6. Amber at

Now for the next one.....

Rules: You must love Christmas and so must the person you give it to. List 5 things you love about Christmas. Link back to the person who gave it to you and then pass it along to as many as you like!

The 5 things I love about Christmas are:

1. The food! Any reason to over eat =)
2. Wrapping presents...i love to wrap!
3. Cold weather.
4. Shopping for that "perfect" gift.
5. Watching the kiddos rip open their presents!

I tag all the same people from above...enjoy!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

My heart hurts for them.

I have been keeping up with a blog from one of the moms on BBC. They had a little girl very early. She has fought for 5 months and 3 weeks. Her family has the most positive attitude and faith. Things are not looking good for this little angel. Please keep this family in your prayers!

Last night was a rough night with Emerson. She was up almost every hour. I am so tired today but after reading the newest post about Kayleigh it really put things into perspective.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Mom Jeans.....

This is the funniest thing I have seen in a long time. I laughed so hard I cried! Please enjoy......

Thursday, December 4, 2008

2 months!

Today Emerson is 2 months old. Now I really have no excuse for the "baby weight" unless I ate my should be gone! =) Today was another horrible day for me. I woke up and basically bite everyones head off. Jason was tempted to go to work!!! After screaming for a bit, I felt better. Here's to hoping I'll get some sleep tonight! Here is Emerson's 2 month picture.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Sleep...what is that again?

After reading the headline you probably roll your eyes and say, "DUH! You have a newborn, of coure you are not getting sleep!" And NOPE that is not the reason! Emerson is sleeping through the night, I however am not. (On the plus side, i have gotten to watch some really good movies) Around 8 When i'm getting the kids ready for bed I start getting tired and think...HOORAY I can go to sleep too! After I do the hug, kiss, tuck them in routine about 15 times...I get my second wind. I will putter around the house, go online (Usually ebay...its my drug) Last night i went to bed around 1:30-2:00...fell asleep at 4...Emerson grunted and woke me up at 5:30. I feel bad because I am starting to become really grouchy. And not just my usual sarcastic grouchy self. I'm becoming down right mean....for example...we have the option of ringback tone on our phones. You know the annoyong songs that play when you call someone instead of the usual ring ring. (I start singing along to the song and they always pick up right when i hit a high note and proceed to laugh at my tone deafness) Well, Jason uses the phone for work purposes and I thought it would be HILARIOUS to put a ringback on his phone without telling him. Now heres the mean part.....i chose Achey Breaky Heart by good ol Billy Ray Cyrus. (Thats Hannah Montanas daddy for all you little teeny boppers) Maybe I should really try to sleep more. WHo knows what I am capable of next. Shaving his eyebrows in his sleep maybe.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


I have been taught the way of the blog! Thankyou Courtney! I feel really dumb that I wasn't able to figure it out but I know my own limitations! I'm so excited I feel like my blog is up to date with everyone elses!!!

Why can't I figure this out?

So, the whole blog thing has me confused. Not the actual blogging part but the setup part. I changed my layout and int he process lost all my favorite blog links! So I'm slowly adding them back. What I want to know is how every blog I go on to has it where the blogs they are following have when the last post was underneath the blogs name! What am I doing wrong here. Somebody please help me! I feel stupid because I can't do it. I have been sitting here trying to find a way to do it and instead found a way to startle the baby. She didnt know why mommy was screaming at the computer!!!!

Monday, December 1, 2008

I fell off the face of the earth!

WARNING- I rambled a lot in this post!
But I'm BACK!!! I wish I could say I haven't posted in so long because Emerson keeps me busy...BUT she doesn't. She is so easy, I really can't believe how easy she is. She is already sleeping through the night. We have not had one crying fit yet during the day and she is already 8 weeks! I wish my other two were this good. They still give me trouble all day long! The arguing and fighting all day...UGH! SO let me update you a little bit.....
Josh broke his leg, had the cast on for 3 weeks. It is off now but he still limps. He walks like a super fly!
Halloween was really tough for him because of all the stairs in front of peoples houses!

Jaidyn has been Jaidyn. I swear she thinks she is a teenager! UGH! I can't even deal with her attitude sometimes. However, she has been THE BIGGEST help to me. She helps feed Emme, gets me anything I need for her. Having such a big age difference between them is the best thing ever. No jealousy issues at all!!!

Jaidyn Loves her baby sister...and Mommy loves matching outfits!!!

Thanksgiving has come and gone. All the kids got sick the week before Thanksgiving. Josh and Jaidyn were ok, we gave them cold medicine and they were fine. Emerson had a really bad cough and because she is so little we took her to the DR. They gave her an antibiotic and she s doing much better. Mommy is doing better too!! Jason took a couple days off when I felt sick and I slept in until 11 almost everyday!! I love him, he is the best. On his days off he wont sleep in, he gets up so I can sleep in!

Now we are getting ready for Christmas int he Andrews household. I started to decorate HOWEVER I am not going all out like last year. I only have 2 trees up this year, not 5. I'm almost finished with shopping..just a couple little things left.
We took some pictures of the kids and did Christmas cards. I was pretty pleased with the pictures. Not bad for doing them myself!

And here is one of my favorite pictures. Emersons first smile for her daddy!

Monday, October 27, 2008

I don't remember this...

Sorry I have been MIA for awhile. I don't remember getting so little sleep with a baby. She is doing great, but everything else seems to be a mess. Josh broke his leg and it took 2 different doctors a week to find the break. He cracked his growth plate in his knee and his shin. So he has a full leg cast. With all the stairs in our house its seriously been torture for all of us! Jason had alot of time off when Emerson was born, but he has gone back to work. He wakes up so early for work that he cannot do any night feedings anymore. Today I feel like I have a little case of the baby blues. And the scares me because I suffered severe PPD with Joshie. Hopefully all goes well and I'm just in a funk.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Shes finally here!!! I am so excited ot have her home! I just wish we still lived by friends and family. I want people to come by and see her! We did have friends bring us dinner the first night we were home....yummy mexican food too!! Emme is having issues sleeping at night. She only wants to sleep on her daddy. She really doesnt care to much for me at night time. I am not really complaining about that..Im sleeping! I will post some pictures later. I did add some pictures to myspace. Heres the birth stroy for anyone who cares t read it...I just copied it from BBC.

Babies Name: Emerson Grace
Babies Gender: female
Date of Birth: October 4, 2008 @ 1:01 pm
EDD: October 17, 2008
Statistics: 8 lbs, 19 inches long

Birth Story

Friday I was in a pretty pi$$y mood all day, we went to a high school football game and I told some little high school kid I would throw him down the bleachers if he didn't stop stomping on the bleacher I was sitting on. (I'm not usually so rude) We decided to leave early because I really thought I would kill someone. We went to dinner and I started having contractions but refused to time them. I didn't want to get my hopes up. Once we got to the car I had one that was bad so we dropped off the kids at my parents for the night. I got home and called the Dr. They said get in a warm bath...if the contractions get worse, come in. I took a warm bath and they never went away but I didn't think they were strong enough to do anything. They were 5 mins apart at this point. I told my husband I didn't want these dying out so he had to "take one for the team" We DTD (sorry tmi) And they got strong, 20 mins later I was being admitted at a 4 with contractions every 2 mins apart! They never really hurt, I could talk and laugh through them the whole time. I didn't want to press my luck so I got the epidural around 3 am. I slept like a baby. I was too relaxed so the contractions stopped. The doc came in and broke my water at 11 am. They said I had an unusual shaped cervix (heard that with the last kids too) And they thought she was small because she was moving WAY TOO MUCH when they would check me. At 12:45 I had the urge to push and I warned my nurse I am a fast pusher. She didn't believe me...I refused to push until the Dr came in the room. I started pushing at 12:55, she arrived at 1:01 pm. She was biggest baby! I had one superficial tear. And I was up and walking before 2:00. We went home the next day at 2:00. The kids love her and I am so happy to be home!!!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Do something or LEAVE ME ALONE!

For the past 24 hours I have had contractions. Steady, slightly painful, really annoying. I would be excited if they were getting closer or stronger...but no. They have stayed about 10 mins apart. I drank water and lied down to see if that would stop Warm bath...nope still coming. Its annoying at this point because I can't go in to L&D, they are not close enough. I can't relax because they hurt. If i was further along and felt comfortable with baby coming this early....i'd be on my elliptical running my butt off!! Hopefully they stop soon or this is going to be a long weekend!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

I did it!

Well as you all know this is my 3rd and final baby. I never got maternity pictures done before. Never really wanted to, but I have seen some of the most beautiful pictures on BBC. So I made an appointment to get some done. Saturday Sept 13. I have no idea what to wear, I love the ones of the girls in tube tops and whatnot but I cannot go strapless unless I want my boobies covering up my tummy! I'm thinking maybe a button up shirt thats unbuttoned on my tummy. I have to provide my own wardrobe because I am using a "new" photographer. The kiddos will also be in the pictures with me. Jason will not. He hates pictures and will more than likely refuse to do it! As long as I can get him to drive us there Im ok! I'm very very excited now!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The great debate...

As most of you know, I go on BBC often. Well there are some posts on there that seriously make my blood boil. And I'm posting on here instead of there because people can't just take someones opinions and leave it at that. Heres the deal....I willn ot be breastfeeding this child. I didnt with myother 2 and I wont be trying with this one. SOmeone started a thread about being proud to be a formula feeder...great, i like somewhere i can talk to other moms who chose to formual feed. But the women who beat feed (Great for them, I admire that they can do that) Can't stay off of it. They feel the need to give us all the facts about breast milk and how its better. Do you really think you are the first person to tell me that my boob juice is better then the formula..I mean really. And they way they spew off their facts comes off so condesending. Like we are retarded and can't make an educated desicion for ourselves. Then it becomes so defensive. I have NEVER gone onto a breatfeeding thread because I dont do it...stay of the formula feeding thread if you are against it! It just bugs me so bad! I am not a bad mom because I chose to use something from a can instead of my ta-ta's! I'm chosing to love and feed my child...shouldn't that be good enough. WIll my child be sicker or healthier than someone whos child was Every child is different, being smart, sick, fat or skinny doesnt have to do with breast milk or not. And to insinuate that I wont have a close bond with my kids because I didnt breast feed are you freaking kidding me!?!? WHat about those mothers who despise breast feeding but do it anyway then resent their child for it, or the mothers who wanted to breast feed so bad but can't then they feel like they have failed as a mom. And I truly believe if people would keep their opinions, facts, statistics whatever to yourself...people wouldn't get so darn defensive abou it. I use formula and I'm proud....shot I even use generic store brand formula.....Call Child Protective Services....I'm a bad mom!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

11 days until what?!

My baby shower was on Sunday and it was great! We were blessed by our church and friends. I could not be more grateful. I did not get alot of pictures but here are a few from that day.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

So thats a few picture from the shower. And my husband wanted to be cut out of that picture because he wasnt ready for it to be!
Well, your probably wondering what the title to this blog means....11 days. Yesterday I had on of my weekly non-stress tests. I do them twice a week. And my doctor came in and she looked at my chart and said, "Well, 11 days" I looked at her really dumbfounded like what. She said in 11 days you will be 34 weeks. We will not stop you if you go into labor! They are being cautious because I delivered my son early and had preeclampsia with my daughter. But just hearing from my doctor 11 days freaked me out. I could have a baby in less than 2 weeks. WHAT?!?! Now i'm sure I will not go into labor anytime soon. I'm hoping to have her around 37 weeks. I;; be very happy with that. After this shocking revelation from trained medical professionals I went to target and bought the rest of the stuff I needed. All we have left is a mattress and a changing table. (Still debating on getting a changing table) I have her closet organized and i'm trying to get the house in tip top shape. Just incase people want to come see the little one after she's here. I want my house clean. (I know, whos really going to be looking at my house when theres a new baby, but i'm crazy about people seeing my house dirty) Still trying to figure out who's gonna take my other 2 kids while i'm in labor. Lynae said she will do it, but I might want my sister there with me. Oh....11 days.....I keep repeating it to myself.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Alot to do today....

Well, tomorrow is my baby shower. I'm a little concerned because no one has RSVP'd. I know that doesnt mean anything but who knows. Its at our church and everyone from church is invited so we really have no clue how many people will be there. And that makes it very difficult to plan for. We are doing a cake and punch. I wanted to do some finger foods but without and estimation of the number of guest it stressed me out to no end. I had no idea how much food to buy and I didn't want to waste anything. Jason is really unhappy about the shower because I'm making him come. We invited can I expect any guys to show up if the father to be won't be there! My sister has done a good job planning this shower. (I of course have given my opinions and input on EVERYTHING) She probably is ready to strangle me at this point!!
I'm pretty excited I'm getting my hair done today! I met a hairstylist through my online baby boards. My hair is getting too long for me to continue doing it. Its hard for me as a hairstylist to let someone else do my hair but these roots have got to go!! I did do hair this week, it had been awhile since I've done hair because I haven't felt so hot through out this pregnancy. It felt so nice to be creative again! And Courtney brought her daughter Avery over with her. She was the best behaved child I have seen in a long time. It gave me hope that Emerson might be good too! I feel like my kids have gone crazy lately. I'm so tired of arguing with them. It does no good. They only listen to Jason...I just don't understand it! Am I the only mother who can't control her kids?!?!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Raegan Leigh....

My sis in law had her baby. She was 32 weeks along and it was an emergency c-section. Mommy and baby are doing well. Raegan Leigh was born August 16 at 7:14 am weighing in at 4 lbs 6 oz and 16 inches long. She is in the NICU but she is breathing on her own. She does have jaundice so shes under the lights. She is doing better than anyone expected for being so early. I have to say she is HUGE for a 32 weeker!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Nesting much?

This past few days I've been cleaning alot. And now I'm on my sewing kick. I made both crib sets for my older 2 kids. I bought one for Emerson so i feel like I need to make something for her! I decided on a rag quilt. I've never made one before. I have never even seen a pattern. So i'm kinda winging it! I will also make a few burp rags. I should make them out of flannel but I'm using some fabric I already have. Hopefully if I layer the fabric it will become absorbant enough! I mean it is just for spit up right?! I will be working on these projects all day and night. I will post pictures when they are done. I also have a question for anyone who makes their own bows for babies. Where do I find the elastic for the headband part?!?!? Help me!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

It's finally here!

The first day of school! HooRay!! I can finally get some things done around the house. I'm trying to make my new recliner work in my front room. I wanted one to rock the baby in when she gets here. I just have such a hard time with re arranging my furniture to make it work. I LOVE the open floor plan we have but it limits my options on furniture placement! UGH! Heres a picture of what it looked like before...any ideas....let me know.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

I'll keep working on it, and post the new pictures with the recliner. I'm also trying to get the bassinet in the front room somehow. WHo knows what I'll do witht he swing and bouncy chair! =)

Saturday, August 9, 2008

A real quick Vent....

So, I'm pretty pissed off at something right now. I'm going to make this vent pretty generic because I'm not quite sure who reads this thing. I'm so tired of all the complaining how hard everything is, it's hard for everyone, right? You are not the only one. Then if you spend forever complaining about stuff don't go out and do the exact opposite of what you've been saying. People are getting tired of it! And yes, we talk about it, all of us. I'm just the only one who will ever say anything because to be quite frankly I don't care. Next time you feel the need to call anyone to complain about the drama that has happened...think twice. You really can only call "wolf" so many times!!

Where do the days go

I'm a little behind on keeping this updated. I guess my life is really not as exciting as I hoped it was. I'll do a quick recap of the past few days.
Wed- This day was the 12 anniversary of my oldest brothers suicide. It was a sad day but my sister and I tried to make the best of it. We took the kids to the horse show at the fair. The loved it. The horses were dressed up in costumes. It was a blast. We went to Hobby Lobby (Because I can't stay away from there) We had to get some more scrapbook paper for the shower invitations. (The invitations go out in the church bulletin on Sunday!!)
Thurs-My parents 26 wedding anniversary. I stayed home and did laundry all day. When Jason got home we took the kids to the fair. I of course wanted a gyro (I LOVE them) Well we waited in line for 45 mins for one and it was the worst excuse for a gyro I have ever seen!! Oh well. My parents met us at the fair and we took the kids on some rides. They didn't enjoy the little roller coaster like I thought they would. Of course they got some little blow up toys and did some other kiddie rides. My hip felt like it popped out of place so I wanted to go home. It was perfect weather that evening for the fair though, goods time had by all!
Fri-I had another doctors appointment this morning. I go twice a week for non stress test now. I lost a pound between tuesday and friday. Doctor isn't too happy about it but she said the baby looks good so just try to eat a little more. (I'm now drinking carnation instant breakfast a few times a day) Emerson was moving a lot for this test so they were happy. All looked good. I am now 30 weeks. If all goes perfect I will have her in about 8 weeks. (I had pre-e with Jaidyn and went into pre term labor with Joshie so they wont let me go to 40 weeks)
Today we are going car shopping, finally! I'm so excited but Jason wants make sure we don't jump into the first thing we see. (I tend to do this and not look around!) We are nervous about having a car payment again. We haven't had one in over a year!! I think that is why he is so apprehensive. I'm really hoping to get a nice SUV, but it is a possibility I will be rockin' a soccer mom van. With gas prices these days i gotta check my ego and protect my wallet!! I will post later and update on our car shopping trip. I'm sure I will have some stories to tell....we're taking the kiddos!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

I have been tagged!

SO a fellow blogger has tagged me. I must write 7 facts about myself then tag other bloggers. (I will have to edit later with the bloggers I am chosing to tag...all of you have already been tagged!!) I wish my 7 facts could be more interesting but...hey, as I say in my house. You get what you get and you don't throw a fit!

1. I got married at 18 and despite what everyone said, we are still married and very happy!

2. This baby was a shock. I was scheduled to get "fixed" when we found out. It took awhile for me to become happy about it!

3. I am very fast with rude comebacks and jokes. I pretty much always win a verbal battle.

4. Shopping is a weakness of mine. I don't really care what I'm shopping for, I just like the thrill of it all.

5. I hate doing laundry and half the time dont fold it! If you want clean clothes look in the basket in the laundry room. (I know its such a bad habbit)

6. I'm secretly addicted to reality shows and myspace. I watch almost every reality show there is. And I spend hours on myspace "lurking"

7. I love reading romance novels. (not the ones with Fabio on the cover!)

I hope I didn't bore anyone with my 7 facts. I will edit tomorrow with my blogs to tag!

Doctor today...

I had my first NST today at the doctor. Everything went well. Im measuring 3 weeks ahead but I lost 4 pounds in 3 weeks. I'm okay with that =) I go back on Friday for another NST. Her heart rate was a little iratic (sp) But everything else looked great. My BP is normal! I'm really ready for the next few weeks to be over with though. I can't wait for Emerson to be here!! I also can't wait to walk up a flight of stairs without feeling like I ran a marathon....(No, no mention of mountains)

Monday, August 4, 2008

I used to love Mondays.

Mondays were the days Jaidyn went back to Kindergarten camp. She missed last Thursday because she was sick. So I didnt know that last Thusday was the last day of camp. My dad picked her up this morning tot ake her and he brought her back. She was in was mommy. I now have to wait 2 weeks for actual school to start. I loved my few hours of peace. This next 2 weeks will go by so slow!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Yes, It is that big of a deal to me!

So I will start this post by saying for the past few days all I wanted was really good pizza. Well one night I settled and we ordered Pizza Hut. Last night however we went to this really good pizza place and I had Jason order a large so I would have leftovers. Well this morning Jaidyn wakes me up way too early (So yes I am grumpy) I go the fridge to pull out a water and the only pizza in there is from Pizza Hut! I was pissed!!!! I didn't like the pizza hut why would I want it for leftovers when I had good pizza in there. (And ALOT of good pizza leftover) SO I call Jason, and ask him if he took all of it. He was Like um, have pizza hut so I took this. So yes I yelled at him, "Why would I want that when there was good pizza, you could have taken a few pieces not the whole box!!) He got pissed off at me and said its not that big of a deal. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?! To me this just ruined my day, yes it is that big of a deal to a hormonal pregnant woman. Then he had the nerve to hang up on me! If wants to get back into this house after work, he better bring home my pizza or sleep in the dae woo. And I'm am not joking!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Belly Dancing

I know what your thinking...a pregnant woman belly dancing?!? Well heres the story, I was taking a bubble bath (Yeah, I wanted to hard boil my baby) She liked the warm water so much she was bouncing all over the place. My belly was moving so hard bubbles were flying! I called Jason in to see it and he just laughed and walked out. It was seriously the best belly dance I could have ever done!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

It has to be done now!

Even though I'm not due for awhile I feel like everything needs to be done NOW! I have an elliptical trainer in my room next to the crib. I want it out now! Jason has been to busy to do it. I want my car now!!!! I'm scared this baby will be here and I will have to put her in the dae woo. (not happeining) Jason has just been to tired or busy to go car shopping. And he forgot to add some stuff on our loan app for his credit union at work. He didnt check on it so they didnt inform us until Friday. I have had it! I'm edgy and grumpy and I feel like I'm living in chaos. (Well with Jaidyn and Josh as my children, sometimes it is Chaos) To add to my grumpy mood today, Jaidyn got this STUPID balloon on sunday at lunch. And she is hitting it and playing in the front room with it. If I have to tell them to take it downstairs one more time. I will put a knife through the balloon!! (UPDATE: I'm the worst mom in the world. I popped the balloon. I told them no and Jai looked at me with the most evil little look and I popped it)

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Changing Sheets....

It's 12:30 and I just had to change sheets. I had to last night as well. I don't know what to do. I do not want to change sheets in the middle of the night everynight. I also had a problem with her earlier today. Shes doing this new thing were she pees her pants when she laughs hard. And its not a little tinkle. Its full on peed her pants. And she does it to be funny. How do you deal with something like that? DO i put her back in diapers at night time. Is she just one of those children who has a harder time at night. Josh is doing fine, and she cried that its not fair he doesnt pee in his pants at night and she does. All I know is this late at night I dont want to have to start doing laundry! And now she will be grumpy when I wake her up in the morning for school because it takes awhile for her to go back to sleep. Jason misses out on all the "fun stuff" when he works nights. =)

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Catching up.

I haven't posted in a few days. Life seems to just get away from me. Thursday night we took the kiddos to the Royals game. It happened to be "Ladies Night" SO Jaidyn and I got free pink Royals hats. She was so excited.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

I was really suprised how hot and humid it was. We left early when it started to rain. My feet were so swollen i have bruises from my flip flops!!! Jason went back to work last night and I once again ordered dinner from Mr. Goodcents. I love the fact that they deliver!! Today my sister and I worked on baby shower stuff. I know I'm not supposed to do anything for my own shower but I have so many ideas for it. We got the invitations made. SO CUTE! The kids are still doing good with no diapers at night. It helps that Josh just doesnt sleep at night. I don't know how that little one has so much energy! He basically goes full speed until BAM he crashes!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

I wish I could crash like he does. I really think as soon as I fall asleep I either have to pee, one of the kids is poking my face because they want something, or the dog jumps on me. And now that Jason has been on nights I freak out over every little noise. The ice maker gets me everytime!! I do love sleeping in the middle of the bed though =) I think he goes back on days soon but to be perfectly honest. I don't really listen when he talks about his schedule. Its pointless most of the time. His schedule doesn't stay the same. I think thats all i have to ramble on about tonight. I need to switch some laundry and hopefully get to bed!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

That's it, I'm taking a vacation...ALONE!

Yesterday was exhausting. But Lynae is now a US Citizen...hahaha. Ok for those of you who are really confused by that statement let me explain. My sister was adopted, aparently some paperwork wasnt filed right. When she applied for college grants it came up that she was not a us citizen. Can you imagine the shock? Well I have to admit I teased her relentlessly about it. (Yeah, Im mean) So yesterday we took her down to immigration and it's all taken care of. They even gave her a little American Flag. Oh I about died!!! Jason had last night off....YEAH! The kids would actually sleep!! I got the kids matching Royals shirts for the game tonight. Our first baseball game!!! We went to dinner, and decided we will never be going back to Whiskey Creek. Someone please tell me where I can find a good steakhouse! When we got home I realized I had no night time pull ups. (Yes, the kids wear pull ups at night so i dont have to change bedding everyday) We decided it was time to try again with no pull ups. (Neither one of us wanted to go the the store) This morning they both woke up dry!!!! So there will be no diapers in my house until Emerson gets here. Getting Jaidyn ready for school today was rough. EVen after I took my Zofran I felt sick. And Joshie didnt help matters by throwing a fit about his shoe. (Its up on the roof. Long story. I locked myself out of the house AGAIN. Jason was sleeping and I guess didnt hear the doorbell. SO I threw Josh's shoe at the bedroom window. The shoe stayed up on the roof) I decided once Jason wakes up I'm leaving the house. I need a pedicure and a break!!!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

What's the deal today...

Last night was a rough one. Josh had leg cramps at 1 in the morning. He used to get this all the time but I thought we were done with this. He gets charlie horses int he middle of the night. (Sympathy pains for mom maybe) He needs to drink more water when its this hot outside. So Anyways I was up all night with him. This morning when it was fnally time to get up I was so sore. I could barely walk down the stairs. This time around my body is not adjusting to being knocked up!!! I conned Jason into taking Jaidyn to school. Poor guy he was so tired after getting of at 7 am.
I still feel like crap but oh well. I really think I'm in some kind of funk. I just dont really feel like myself. I'm hungry but already feel to full to eat. (Weird, right?) I'm out of breath, and my legs are swollen. Is it time to have her yet? Anyone else in their last trimester feeling this way? I did get in some clothes I ordered for Emerson. So freakin cute!!!

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I love the little knickers and matching tights. Im going to get Jaidyn the same outfit! It's starting to feel like this is going to come really soon. We have the bassinet in the front room and the stroller and carseat put together. I'm pretty scared about actually having a newborn in the house again. This was just so unplanned. I havent had to take diapers or a diaper bag anywhere with me in so long. Im used to the kids getting themselves in the car. Its going to be so weird doing this all over again!!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Finally monday!

Oh the sweet sound of silence....Jaidyn is at school! Its amazing how quiet Josh is when shes gone. We dont have too much planned today. Im just cleaning house (BLAH) then after school we will go swimming. Jay is of course working tonight. Who knows when his next day off is. We are hoping for Thursday so he can go to the Royals game with us. I know I complain when he works this much OT, but I sure do love those checks. Especially now with his 2 raises!!! Next week we will be buying the rest of the stuff we need for the baby. (Matress, swing, bouncy chair)
Im starting to feel better too. My doctor suggested I get a support belt to help take off the pressure so I will go get one today. The antibiotics make me a little queezy but Im still on my daily dose of zofran to help with that. I got a call from my mom a little while ago with some news we were all expecting. Not gonna go into that here.
I'm so happy my parents have the day off. First one in 34 days!!! The kids are excited to see them. Hopefully we can con them into going swimming with us! I think thats enough with rambling, Im just trying to get out of cleaning! Sorry this one was so boring today...maybe something interesting will happen.....

Saturday, July 19, 2008

And he's gone to work.....

Today I had a great day! And it's not even over!!! First thing this morning I took the kids around and hit some garage sales. We got some great stuff for Emerson! After shopping all the sales in town we went to Sonic and got smoothies. (The kids were in heaven) We decided we weren't done shopping. Jason needed some new jeans so I wanted to go to the mall. First we had to go wake up my sister!!! After Lynae was awake we all headed to the mall. I decided to check the VF outlet for Jay's jeans. (He will only wear one brand) I found them on the clearance rack for 4.99!!! I picked up every one in his size! I did a happy dance in the middle of the clearance rack. I wanted to go to Childrens Place for their sale. I got the girls matching summer clothes for next summer. I love the $1.99 sales! Lynae and I did some more shopping hit the food court and then took the kids to Zonkers in the mall. Jaidyn rode the carosel and Joshie rode the train.
We also found Jasons lost Ipod. =) Now we are just waiting for Josh to wake up from nap so we can go back to my parents house for dinner. I put a roast in the crock pot this morniing for Jasons dinner. I made too much so we are taking the rest to my parents. Hopefully tonight will go as good as last night with bedtime. The kids never got up and argued!! It was so peaceful! I think thats enough rambling for now. I'm sure I'll write more tonight...unless there are some good shows on the DVR!

Friday, July 18, 2008

This weeks Picture

Heres 27 weeks. And this is my favorite says retaining water!

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My doctor appointment.

Well, Im 27 weeks today. I had my glucose testing done. We will get the results next week. My infection is going away (ThankGod) They put me on another antibiotic. I go back in 2 weeks for my first steroid shot and then 48 hours later for my second. I will be seeing the doctor twice a week from then on. Not too excited about going to the doctor so much, but they just want to keep an eye on things. I haven't dialated anymore so thats good. I also paid my last payment today!!! So the delivery and hospital stay are paid off! Luckily it was only a couple hundred dollars. (Thankyou Procter & Gamble) Now I just need Jason to make his appointment to be "fixed"
The rest of the day so far has been ok. My sister and I went shopping, my mom and I went to a furniture store. (Found really cute dressers for the girls) Jason just left for work so I know the day is going to go downhill fast. The kids are hyper today. Have big plans for tomorrow....garage sales....WOOHOO! And then of course the mall with Lynae! We also have to do Jaidyns homework this weekend. I dont remember homework in kindergarten!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

I said go to bed!!

Why do my children become horrible when Jason works nights! They know he's not coming home so I swear they turn into little devils. I can't tell you how many times I have had to walk down the 2 flights of stairs to their bedrooms. (I hate split levels right now) I could yell until I turn blue in the face! All Jason would have to do is say their names. Not even get up from the couch...and they would be in bed! I hate night shifts!!! I hope this 2 weeks goes by fast...but then I know in the back of my head....I only have 2 more weeks before he's on nights again! UGH!

Trying my hand at this blogging craze!

Well, Im starting to feel to old for "myspace" SHOCKER! Don't get me wrong. I still love a good myspace fix but no one reads blogs on there. And since I still don't have too many friends in Kansas I need somewhere to share my daily stories.....oh and with my kids I have some stories!! Now that we got our new laptop (thankyou stimulus check) I can blog all I want and not feel like Im abandoning everyone by locking myself in the office!! I will try to add new blogs as much as possible! Hopefully my blog will be as entertaining as KayCee from the BBC! SO thats it for now. I'm going to attempt to make my page as pretty as my myspace page!!