Tuesday, July 22, 2008

What's the deal today...

Last night was a rough one. Josh had leg cramps at 1 in the morning. He used to get this all the time but I thought we were done with this. He gets charlie horses int he middle of the night. (Sympathy pains for mom maybe) He needs to drink more water when its this hot outside. So Anyways I was up all night with him. This morning when it was fnally time to get up I was so sore. I could barely walk down the stairs. This time around my body is not adjusting to being knocked up!!! I conned Jason into taking Jaidyn to school. Poor guy he was so tired after getting of at 7 am.
I still feel like crap but oh well. I really think I'm in some kind of funk. I just dont really feel like myself. I'm hungry but already feel to full to eat. (Weird, right?) I'm out of breath, and my legs are swollen. Is it time to have her yet? Anyone else in their last trimester feeling this way? I did get in some clothes I ordered for Emerson. So freakin cute!!!

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I love the little knickers and matching tights. Im going to get Jaidyn the same outfit! It's starting to feel like this is going to come really soon. We have the bassinet in the front room and the stroller and carseat put together. I'm pretty scared about actually having a newborn in the house again. This was just so unplanned. I havent had to take diapers or a diaper bag anywhere with me in so long. Im used to the kids getting themselves in the car. Its going to be so weird doing this all over again!!


Anonymous said...

I can understand the weirdness of thinking of a newborn in the house again! My only other child is 6! I haven't even changed a diaper in so long I can't remember! LOL

I love the outfit! The hat is so cute!!

I'm feeling the third trimester blah's too. I can't bend without holding my breath, and I always feel overfull when I do eat. The good thing is that it won't be long until these little ones are here!


MrsMoma said...

I love that outfit!

Second, omg yes! I could have written your post..actually I think I will. haha! Something similar anyway. I feel awful lately. Just not like myself I'm totally nauseous and achey. :( I can't imagine where this baby girl is going to grow for 12 more weeks. EEK!

Karissa said...

I agree with you all. I have 10-13 weeks to go and I was feeling ok this past week after weeks of feeling just HUGE. Last night I ate too much too late at night and could barely breathe when I lay down in the bed! Bad idea. I already feel and look pretty much like I did 4 years ago full term with my first and I have this long to go! I cannot imagine how freaking uncomfortable I'm going to get this time around!