Thursday, July 24, 2008

That's it, I'm taking a vacation...ALONE!

Yesterday was exhausting. But Lynae is now a US Citizen...hahaha. Ok for those of you who are really confused by that statement let me explain. My sister was adopted, aparently some paperwork wasnt filed right. When she applied for college grants it came up that she was not a us citizen. Can you imagine the shock? Well I have to admit I teased her relentlessly about it. (Yeah, Im mean) So yesterday we took her down to immigration and it's all taken care of. They even gave her a little American Flag. Oh I about died!!! Jason had last night off....YEAH! The kids would actually sleep!! I got the kids matching Royals shirts for the game tonight. Our first baseball game!!! We went to dinner, and decided we will never be going back to Whiskey Creek. Someone please tell me where I can find a good steakhouse! When we got home I realized I had no night time pull ups. (Yes, the kids wear pull ups at night so i dont have to change bedding everyday) We decided it was time to try again with no pull ups. (Neither one of us wanted to go the the store) This morning they both woke up dry!!!! So there will be no diapers in my house until Emerson gets here. Getting Jaidyn ready for school today was rough. EVen after I took my Zofran I felt sick. And Joshie didnt help matters by throwing a fit about his shoe. (Its up on the roof. Long story. I locked myself out of the house AGAIN. Jason was sleeping and I guess didnt hear the doorbell. SO I threw Josh's shoe at the bedroom window. The shoe stayed up on the roof) I decided once Jason wakes up I'm leaving the house. I need a pedicure and a break!!!


Courtney said...

Texas Roadhouse is Olathe! It's the best steaks and it's pretty well priced!

Mindy said...

I can't believe you threw the shoe! LOLOLOL So funny, and probably even funnier because I can see myself doing the same thing!!