Monday, July 21, 2008

Finally monday!

Oh the sweet sound of silence....Jaidyn is at school! Its amazing how quiet Josh is when shes gone. We dont have too much planned today. Im just cleaning house (BLAH) then after school we will go swimming. Jay is of course working tonight. Who knows when his next day off is. We are hoping for Thursday so he can go to the Royals game with us. I know I complain when he works this much OT, but I sure do love those checks. Especially now with his 2 raises!!! Next week we will be buying the rest of the stuff we need for the baby. (Matress, swing, bouncy chair)
Im starting to feel better too. My doctor suggested I get a support belt to help take off the pressure so I will go get one today. The antibiotics make me a little queezy but Im still on my daily dose of zofran to help with that. I got a call from my mom a little while ago with some news we were all expecting. Not gonna go into that here.
I'm so happy my parents have the day off. First one in 34 days!!! The kids are excited to see them. Hopefully we can con them into going swimming with us! I think thats enough with rambling, Im just trying to get out of cleaning! Sorry this one was so boring today...maybe something interesting will happen.....