Friday, July 18, 2008

My doctor appointment.

Well, Im 27 weeks today. I had my glucose testing done. We will get the results next week. My infection is going away (ThankGod) They put me on another antibiotic. I go back in 2 weeks for my first steroid shot and then 48 hours later for my second. I will be seeing the doctor twice a week from then on. Not too excited about going to the doctor so much, but they just want to keep an eye on things. I haven't dialated anymore so thats good. I also paid my last payment today!!! So the delivery and hospital stay are paid off! Luckily it was only a couple hundred dollars. (Thankyou Procter & Gamble) Now I just need Jason to make his appointment to be "fixed"
The rest of the day so far has been ok. My sister and I went shopping, my mom and I went to a furniture store. (Found really cute dressers for the girls) Jason just left for work so I know the day is going to go downhill fast. The kids are hyper today. Have big plans for tomorrow....garage sales....WOOHOO! And then of course the mall with Lynae! We also have to do Jaidyns homework this weekend. I dont remember homework in kindergarten!


Anonymous said...

So sorry about the steroid shots. I just had mine on Weds and Thurs after having a lil bleeding wednesday night. Hope all goes well.


MrsMoma said...

Wow you had an eventful day! Glad you get to have fun yard selling(sp?) tomorrow!

LOL ab DH getting the big fix! My DH wants to get it done too, but I said not just yet..hehe!