Saturday, September 13, 2008

Do something or LEAVE ME ALONE!

For the past 24 hours I have had contractions. Steady, slightly painful, really annoying. I would be excited if they were getting closer or stronger...but no. They have stayed about 10 mins apart. I drank water and lied down to see if that would stop Warm bath...nope still coming. Its annoying at this point because I can't go in to L&D, they are not close enough. I can't relax because they hurt. If i was further along and felt comfortable with baby coming this early....i'd be on my elliptical running my butt off!! Hopefully they stop soon or this is going to be a long weekend!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

I did it!

Well as you all know this is my 3rd and final baby. I never got maternity pictures done before. Never really wanted to, but I have seen some of the most beautiful pictures on BBC. So I made an appointment to get some done. Saturday Sept 13. I have no idea what to wear, I love the ones of the girls in tube tops and whatnot but I cannot go strapless unless I want my boobies covering up my tummy! I'm thinking maybe a button up shirt thats unbuttoned on my tummy. I have to provide my own wardrobe because I am using a "new" photographer. The kiddos will also be in the pictures with me. Jason will not. He hates pictures and will more than likely refuse to do it! As long as I can get him to drive us there Im ok! I'm very very excited now!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The great debate...

As most of you know, I go on BBC often. Well there are some posts on there that seriously make my blood boil. And I'm posting on here instead of there because people can't just take someones opinions and leave it at that. Heres the deal....I willn ot be breastfeeding this child. I didnt with myother 2 and I wont be trying with this one. SOmeone started a thread about being proud to be a formula feeder...great, i like somewhere i can talk to other moms who chose to formual feed. But the women who beat feed (Great for them, I admire that they can do that) Can't stay off of it. They feel the need to give us all the facts about breast milk and how its better. Do you really think you are the first person to tell me that my boob juice is better then the formula..I mean really. And they way they spew off their facts comes off so condesending. Like we are retarded and can't make an educated desicion for ourselves. Then it becomes so defensive. I have NEVER gone onto a breatfeeding thread because I dont do it...stay of the formula feeding thread if you are against it! It just bugs me so bad! I am not a bad mom because I chose to use something from a can instead of my ta-ta's! I'm chosing to love and feed my child...shouldn't that be good enough. WIll my child be sicker or healthier than someone whos child was Every child is different, being smart, sick, fat or skinny doesnt have to do with breast milk or not. And to insinuate that I wont have a close bond with my kids because I didnt breast feed are you freaking kidding me!?!? WHat about those mothers who despise breast feeding but do it anyway then resent their child for it, or the mothers who wanted to breast feed so bad but can't then they feel like they have failed as a mom. And I truly believe if people would keep their opinions, facts, statistics whatever to yourself...people wouldn't get so darn defensive abou it. I use formula and I'm proud....shot I even use generic store brand formula.....Call Child Protective Services....I'm a bad mom!