Wednesday, September 3, 2008

I did it!

Well as you all know this is my 3rd and final baby. I never got maternity pictures done before. Never really wanted to, but I have seen some of the most beautiful pictures on BBC. So I made an appointment to get some done. Saturday Sept 13. I have no idea what to wear, I love the ones of the girls in tube tops and whatnot but I cannot go strapless unless I want my boobies covering up my tummy! I'm thinking maybe a button up shirt thats unbuttoned on my tummy. I have to provide my own wardrobe because I am using a "new" photographer. The kiddos will also be in the pictures with me. Jason will not. He hates pictures and will more than likely refuse to do it! As long as I can get him to drive us there Im ok! I'm very very excited now!