Monday, December 1, 2008

I fell off the face of the earth!

WARNING- I rambled a lot in this post!
But I'm BACK!!! I wish I could say I haven't posted in so long because Emerson keeps me busy...BUT she doesn't. She is so easy, I really can't believe how easy she is. She is already sleeping through the night. We have not had one crying fit yet during the day and she is already 8 weeks! I wish my other two were this good. They still give me trouble all day long! The arguing and fighting all day...UGH! SO let me update you a little bit.....
Josh broke his leg, had the cast on for 3 weeks. It is off now but he still limps. He walks like a super fly!
Halloween was really tough for him because of all the stairs in front of peoples houses!

Jaidyn has been Jaidyn. I swear she thinks she is a teenager! UGH! I can't even deal with her attitude sometimes. However, she has been THE BIGGEST help to me. She helps feed Emme, gets me anything I need for her. Having such a big age difference between them is the best thing ever. No jealousy issues at all!!!

Jaidyn Loves her baby sister...and Mommy loves matching outfits!!!

Thanksgiving has come and gone. All the kids got sick the week before Thanksgiving. Josh and Jaidyn were ok, we gave them cold medicine and they were fine. Emerson had a really bad cough and because she is so little we took her to the DR. They gave her an antibiotic and she s doing much better. Mommy is doing better too!! Jason took a couple days off when I felt sick and I slept in until 11 almost everyday!! I love him, he is the best. On his days off he wont sleep in, he gets up so I can sleep in!

Now we are getting ready for Christmas int he Andrews household. I started to decorate HOWEVER I am not going all out like last year. I only have 2 trees up this year, not 5. I'm almost finished with shopping..just a couple little things left.
We took some pictures of the kids and did Christmas cards. I was pretty pleased with the pictures. Not bad for doing them myself!

And here is one of my favorite pictures. Emersons first smile for her daddy!