Saturday, August 9, 2008

Where do the days go

I'm a little behind on keeping this updated. I guess my life is really not as exciting as I hoped it was. I'll do a quick recap of the past few days.
Wed- This day was the 12 anniversary of my oldest brothers suicide. It was a sad day but my sister and I tried to make the best of it. We took the kids to the horse show at the fair. The loved it. The horses were dressed up in costumes. It was a blast. We went to Hobby Lobby (Because I can't stay away from there) We had to get some more scrapbook paper for the shower invitations. (The invitations go out in the church bulletin on Sunday!!)
Thurs-My parents 26 wedding anniversary. I stayed home and did laundry all day. When Jason got home we took the kids to the fair. I of course wanted a gyro (I LOVE them) Well we waited in line for 45 mins for one and it was the worst excuse for a gyro I have ever seen!! Oh well. My parents met us at the fair and we took the kids on some rides. They didn't enjoy the little roller coaster like I thought they would. Of course they got some little blow up toys and did some other kiddie rides. My hip felt like it popped out of place so I wanted to go home. It was perfect weather that evening for the fair though, goods time had by all!
Fri-I had another doctors appointment this morning. I go twice a week for non stress test now. I lost a pound between tuesday and friday. Doctor isn't too happy about it but she said the baby looks good so just try to eat a little more. (I'm now drinking carnation instant breakfast a few times a day) Emerson was moving a lot for this test so they were happy. All looked good. I am now 30 weeks. If all goes perfect I will have her in about 8 weeks. (I had pre-e with Jaidyn and went into pre term labor with Joshie so they wont let me go to 40 weeks)
Today we are going car shopping, finally! I'm so excited but Jason wants make sure we don't jump into the first thing we see. (I tend to do this and not look around!) We are nervous about having a car payment again. We haven't had one in over a year!! I think that is why he is so apprehensive. I'm really hoping to get a nice SUV, but it is a possibility I will be rockin' a soccer mom van. With gas prices these days i gotta check my ego and protect my wallet!! I will post later and update on our car shopping trip. I'm sure I will have some stories to tell....we're taking the kiddos!