Friday, August 15, 2008

Nesting much?

This past few days I've been cleaning alot. And now I'm on my sewing kick. I made both crib sets for my older 2 kids. I bought one for Emerson so i feel like I need to make something for her! I decided on a rag quilt. I've never made one before. I have never even seen a pattern. So i'm kinda winging it! I will also make a few burp rags. I should make them out of flannel but I'm using some fabric I already have. Hopefully if I layer the fabric it will become absorbant enough! I mean it is just for spit up right?! I will be working on these projects all day and night. I will post pictures when they are done. I also have a question for anyone who makes their own bows for babies. Where do I find the elastic for the headband part?!?!? Help me!


Kaycee said...

GIRL I have been nesting like a mad woman!!! It's driving me to sleep deprivation because the wheels are constantly turning in my head.

Kaycee said...

Oh and about the HairBows. What kind of elastic are you talking about for HeadBands?

I bought some stretchable lace to make some HeadBands for Carrah. You just buy the amt of inches you think your childs head will be then sew it together and then sew a loop on for interchangable HairBows.