Saturday, August 2, 2008

Yes, It is that big of a deal to me!

So I will start this post by saying for the past few days all I wanted was really good pizza. Well one night I settled and we ordered Pizza Hut. Last night however we went to this really good pizza place and I had Jason order a large so I would have leftovers. Well this morning Jaidyn wakes me up way too early (So yes I am grumpy) I go the fridge to pull out a water and the only pizza in there is from Pizza Hut! I was pissed!!!! I didn't like the pizza hut why would I want it for leftovers when I had good pizza in there. (And ALOT of good pizza leftover) SO I call Jason, and ask him if he took all of it. He was Like um, have pizza hut so I took this. So yes I yelled at him, "Why would I want that when there was good pizza, you could have taken a few pieces not the whole box!!) He got pissed off at me and said its not that big of a deal. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?! To me this just ruined my day, yes it is that big of a deal to a hormonal pregnant woman. Then he had the nerve to hang up on me! If wants to get back into this house after work, he better bring home my pizza or sleep in the dae woo. And I'm am not joking!


Mindy said...

LMFAO @ Sleep in the Dae Woo! OMG I haven't laughed so hard in a LOOOONG time! Aren't those cars teeny tiny?

I would have done exactly the same if my hubby touched my food. Luckily, my hubby knows better because I'd probably beat him within an inch of his life. Our car is far too roomy for his punishment to be sleeping in the car! LOL

So, did he bring the pizza home?

Anonymous said...

When I was 4 months pregnant with my second son, I wanted to go to Chili's... now I know my husband isn't an incredibly big fan... but umm...I was pregnant! ...well, we didn't go... two months after the baby was born, I call him because he got off work and was supposed to be home.......and he was at Chili's with his mother. ...I was super pissed...I should have gone to chili's by myself!! (I still hadn't gone 11 months later)