Tuesday, August 26, 2008

11 days until what?!

My baby shower was on Sunday and it was great! We were blessed by our church and friends. I could not be more grateful. I did not get alot of pictures but here are a few from that day.

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So thats a few picture from the shower. And my husband wanted to be cut out of that picture because he wasnt ready for it to be taken..lol!
Well, your probably wondering what the title to this blog means....11 days. Yesterday I had on of my weekly non-stress tests. I do them twice a week. And my doctor came in and she looked at my chart and said, "Well, 11 days" I looked at her really dumbfounded like what. She said in 11 days you will be 34 weeks. We will not stop you if you go into labor! They are being cautious because I delivered my son early and had preeclampsia with my daughter. But just hearing from my doctor 11 days freaked me out. I could have a baby in less than 2 weeks. WHAT?!?! Now i'm sure I will not go into labor anytime soon. I'm hoping to have her around 37 weeks. I;; be very happy with that. After this shocking revelation from trained medical professionals I went to target and bought the rest of the stuff I needed. All we have left is a mattress and a changing table. (Still debating on getting a changing table) I have her closet organized and i'm trying to get the house in tip top shape. Just incase people want to come see the little one after she's here. I want my house clean. (I know, whos really going to be looking at my house when theres a new baby, but i'm crazy about people seeing my house dirty) Still trying to figure out who's gonna take my other 2 kids while i'm in labor. Lynae said she will do it, but I might want my sister there with me. Oh....11 days.....I keep repeating it to myself.


Kaycee said...

How neat that someone from the Oct baord did you hair!! It looks gorgeous and i LOVE the cake. YUM!

I couldn't find your email addy listed so I thought i'd tell you here that yes I do custom Bow orders. Thanks for entering the giveaway. Just let me know if you need a custom order!

Jennifer and Carlos said...

You look beautiful!!!!!