Monday, December 29, 2008

I'm doing it.....I think

I am cutting off my hair! That's right. I'm tired of the long BLAH hair. I feel like I look like I am 19 with it. I want to look like an adult!!! Jason is not happy about it. But, I always have spit up in it, or Emerson has a death grip on it. Or my favorite, its up in a messy ponytail! I was a hairstylist and always looked so fashionable...when did I become boring soccer mom! Here is the last picture with it long. Wish me luck....I know there will be many tears!


Grand Pooba said...

Ohhh! Good luck! I always cry when I get my hair cut too!

Courtney said...

I want to see pics! By the way-I forgot to mention that Avery didn't take her diaper off. She had her hand down there Al Bundy style! I also fixed the comment issue on the other blog!