Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I think I am ready!

I'm back! I'm ready to start blogging again. I know you are sitting there clapping your hands and doing a happy dance. What inspired me to make my re-entry to the blogging world was reading someones blog yesterday, (My life in 3D) she was talking about the kinds of friends there are in life. I sat down and wondered what kind of friend am I? I came to the conclusion that I am the friend of convenience. And what does this mean? Well, I am a hairstylist who no longer works in a salon, so it amazes me who wants to be my friend when their roots are bad. I run a online boutique, people always want to be my friend when they need a bow and would like a discount. People want to be my friend when they need someone to watch their kids. People want to be my friend when there is no one else better to call. I'm reliable and convenient. This was a hard pill to swallow. I really noticed that lack of friendships I have when Emerson was in the hospital. (more on that next post) I was supposed to bring plates for Jaidyns hallowwen party. Jaidyn didnt go to school that day because we were at the hospital with Emerson. So I was going to have my sister drop of the plates for me but I culdnt get ahold of her. It hit me then, I dont have anyone I can call and ask them to bring paper plats to the school for me. Talk about a wakeup call, your baby is in a hospital bed with ivs in her arm in an isolation room and you just realized you dont have anyone you can call for a simple favor. Life sucked at that moment.


T.L. said...

Oh Mel...first of all, I certainly did do a happy dance when I saw you were back. And secondly, if it weren't for several hundred miles, you and I would be wonderful friends who could rely on each other. I'm sure of it! I fully intend on making it to KC at some point, and WE WILL MEET!!

Karissa said...

Good you're back, Mel! I was wondering if you were completely over blogging or what. I'd like to think that if we lived closer we would be REAL friends. I know the kids would get along and you and I have similar senses or humor!