Thursday, January 7, 2010

Tuesday's Tips...posted on a Thursday!

I have been super busy and with a 1 year old stuck to my leg. Posting has been a little difficult. She thinks she should help type too! So round 3 here we go!! I will be focusing on Formal Wear!

1. While in formal wear, try to keep the sailor mouth low key. It makes you look a little trashy dropping F bombs in tulle and silk.

2. This is bad, there really are no words...Just don't ever buy a dress like this!!!

3. Team logos, colors, mascotts are not allowed in formal wear. Sorry, keep the jerseys for game day!!

4. We are not in the second grade. Keep your scissors away from your dress!!

5. If your dress is not made by Gucci, you shouldn't have a dress out of Gucci material. Especially the material used for their Handbags or Shoes!

6. Nail clippers are our friend! And if the tip of your toe is hanging over your the next size up!

 I hope you all feel prepared when you go out shopping for your next formal occasion!!!


Amanda said...

Yay Mel...I love these. I was looking for them Tuesday and they weren't there. I feel ya on the posting with a one year old. My posting only gets done when she is sleeping.

Courtney said...

OMG! Those toes are crazy!

gretchen0720 said...

OK... the toes are making me gag.

Anonymous said...

OMG, those were some funky photo's, lol! I will try to stay away from dressing this way but it may be really hard.

Jesi said...

Mel, you crack me up!!!! Totally hilarious!

And, yes, I must agree...those toes are gross. Could you imagine if she stubbed her toe?? OUCH!

Diana P said...

I love the gucci group. Classic!!

Shandal said...

OMG! Where the hell did you find those pics?! SICK!

I have an award for you!

Sass said...

1. Yep. Totally trashy to drop some swear words while in formal attire. EVERYONE will know you don't belong there, lol!
2. THAT is a dress????? ZOMG.
3. I hate to come to their defense, but really...they are teenagers. LOL
4. Whoa. Is she PREGNANT?! That is like an epic mommy FAIL.
5. This just gives me a headache. Kinda like one of those puzzles where everything is all blurry and you have to try and find the image in the mess. I was never very good at those...
6. Good God Almighty! That is just NASTAY.

As always Mel thanks for the laughs!!! Love you!

Melissa: Mother to 3 Little Sprouts said...

I love those pictures! They had me dying!