Monday, December 7, 2009

Screaming, crying and puking!

A quick recap of the past few days. I did the kids pictures for our Christmas Card. It involved a lot of screaming and crying and Emerson running away from us! I could NOT get a decent picture for our card so I went with what I got. It is by far my favorite card we have ever done!!!!

I also have been busting my butt working out at home for the past couple months. I have gotten some results but needed more. We finally joined a gym and I am so excited. The gym we joined has so many things for the kids too that are free to members. Dance, Karate, Swim., etc. I also decided to do a spin class.....Holy Crap!!! It was hardcore, i wanted to die, i literally wanted to be struck dead right there. I ended up throwing up a little bit but it was so worth it. I made it..i finished the 50 minute class!! Next class I will be wearing padded shorts. The pain in my butt has been unreal. I will take healing from childbirth to bike seat pain any day!!


*Kc* said...

I didn't see your pictures until just now! That is HILARIOUS!! I love the older kids looking down at her. haha!
congrats on joining the gym. I loved going to the gym (when i had a membership) lol about the padded shorts.