Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Tuesdays.....Almost as bad as Mondays.

Oh Tuesday, I hate you! Now on to my ramblings.

Saturday we went to the P&G Christmas party. It was fun, nice to get dressed up and open bar!  We got gift baskets with laundry soap, toilet paper, swifter, cleaner....Gotta love P&G products! Funny story from that night, we were in a ballroom next to a wedding. While I was in the restroom the bride came in with red wine all over her dress. The maid of honor spilled her glass down the bride. (I would have elbow dropped her right there.) I felt so bad for the bride so I ran and got my trusty bottle of tide and we got the red wine out. Jason said we should have grabbed the marketing team and told them about it. Maybe they can give him a little bonus for it. Haha! Here is a picture from that night.

I have been thinking a lot lately about appropriate gym attire. I sold my elliptical and I am spending that money on workout clothes. I had one pair of yoga pants and I hate washing them after every workout. I have noticed a lot of women at the gym in full makeup and their hair done. I think thats overkill. Yes, I have makeup on when I go, if its in the evening. Its just the makeup I had on during the day. I wont retouch and I sweat so much the makeup is pretty much gone at the end of my workout. I also take off some of my eye makeup if i wore a lot that day. What is too much for the gym? At what point do you look like a gym rat who is on the prowl for one of those very nice muscular men there? By the way...if you have lipstick on, for the love of all that is holy, wipe it off! Lipstick in a gym is way too much! I will make fun of you for that one. Just a warning....now its fair game! Opinions please......


Chelsea said...

First on the Tide comment. I was sold on Tide To Go Pens when my friend cut herself on a rose bush at her wedding and her SIL got it out with a Tide to Go. It was when they first came out and I went right out and bought one.

Second on the gym. I go first thing in the morning-I don't even brush my teeth. Gross I know. I get out of bed, put on my clothes, throw a hat on, eat half a Larabar and go. They do have mouthwash in the bathroom just in case I feel like the breath is bad :) And yes, you do need more than 1 pair of pants silly!

Courtney said...

I think the P&G marketing team needs to hear about that too!

I can't wear any makeup when I workout. I feel like it just runs down my face. Some is okay, but I agree with you on the lipstick. Take it off. It means you are trying too hard to pick someone up.

PS-I'm jealous you got new workout clothes. I want some!